Weird sex terms

Just be sure not to add anything extra, like some bodily fluids. The bedroom is where all the magic happens, typically, so here are a few random sex terms that deal with doing the deed in the bedroom. People have some very creative minds out there! I mean some real, honest to god, good sex scenes. This is usually done with music turned up loud enough so no one would know what they are doing. Maybe it's all in the way the guy swings them? So much so that you would jerk off to this person. This move can be a little tricky if you have not done it before, so be sure to use lots of lubrication with any anal play.

Weird sex terms

This is not such a bad idea really! Just be sure not to add anything extra, like some bodily fluids. Some of them make sense, others not so much. Creative and a little bit messed up. It is known as the sound that represents masturbation. Weird, but it kind of makes sense, seeing as women tend to have curvy bodies. I have done the research, I have scoured the darkest reaches of the interwebs to find out what these terms all mean so you do not have to. Okay, so my weird sex terms really were not that weird, or have much originality to them but they were fun to make up definitions for. This weird sex act is when one partner gives a handjob to someone while licking their ass. You have no idea what they mean and no matter how hard you try to decipher what the meaning is from their conversation, it still eludes you. I was surprised to find so many, to be honest. And remember to be respectful when using them in conversation, because many times these weird sex terms can be derogatory in nature. But right in the middle of a good session, the video buffers, and that evil spinning wheel destroys your mojo. Everything is so smooth and clean when you shave. Some things you hear in random conversations can be done, other times they are not even possible. I am not talking about the 50 Shades of Grey crap either. If you do choose to attempt bedroom bowling, be sure to ask first! Also, you should know that many times these made up sex terms are not real or are just not feasible. No one likes any surprises in their anus. Neither is it when all you do is missionary position during sex. Instead, you laugh along with your friends. Honestly, I have no idea where this term came from because I always thought balls swung around anyway during sex. But let's face it, sometimes you just have to look something up when you hear it. Many weird sex terms that involve the world rusty deal with anal sex, which when done properly can be a lot of fun! However, with anal sex, the biggest thing you need to know and remember to do is to have a lot of communication.

Weird sex terms

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  1. Weird sex terms with camel Did you know that the word camel is used quite often to describe physical features on women? This is not such a bad idea really!

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