Ufos conspiracy sex or religion

Veterinarian Angel Luis Santana, of the private Gardenville Clinic, in San Juan, said, "it could be a human being who belongs to a religious sect, even another animal. And there are deeper implications as well. In this view, the anatomical differences between man and woman were merely designed for one form of sexual pleasure, but otherwise, gender was irrelevant. But just because one person — or even several people — can't immediately identify or explain something they see doesn't mean that someone else with more training or experience or even the same person seeing the same object from a different angle may not instantly recognize it. Other witnesses have seen small pointed-ears, but this feature has not been seen by other witnesses. Courtesy of Steven Hirsch Bruce:

Ufos conspiracy sex or religion

When he was a young man, he heard a story from his grandparents about driving down from Mt. Fewer sightings were reported , and established amateur research groups like the British Flying Saucer Bureau disbanded. After death, the creature appears to extract blood and other fluids from the animals' body. Clean-cut openings through which certain organs are excised from the bodies. Meanwhile Graham hopes to uncover more information from locals and officials on the island. Courtesy of Steven Hirsch Bruce: The New York Times noted that "The shadowy program. The ABEs could be the result - and has gone awry We decided it would be [funded by] black money. Official investigations When UFO reports became more common and in some cases achieved national and even international attention the U. Graham Sheppard Article segment posted by Steve Wingate on the newsgroup alt. Reproductive, sexual organs, anus, eyes and other soft tissue have all been removed. These tests are currently underway in the U. In , more than 60, people had been baptized. Billions of dollars go into hard, scientific research into alternative energy and space travel technologies. Courtesy of Steven Hirsch Steve: The Answer Is Out There. Alien dreams have always been powered by the desire for human importance in a vast, forgetful cosmos: No known animal species on Earth can do this. Mainly what interested me is that so many people had seen these strange things in the air. His timely messages of world peace and sensual permissiveness appealed to a tuned-in audience the world over. Could I have a courier bring it to you? But we cannot discard the possibility that the ABEs can also be the product of highly sophisticated genetic manipulations by human agencies. If the eyewitness doesn't know the distance, then he or she cannot determine the size. Humans become, briefly, major players in a drama of almost inconceivable scale, the lasting lesson of which is, unfortunately: Its head is oval in shape and has an elongated jaw. Extraterrestrial researchers and enthusiasts are most excited about these seven:

Ufos conspiracy sex or religion

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  1. Here are a handful that in recent years got a lot of attention, with links to articles from the time: But the government seems to have been interested, too:

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