Sugar rush sex scenes

Sugar arrives and announces that her flat has burned down, because somebody at the party put a cigarette in a bin. Sugar does not reject Kim's advances. Kim says that sugar doesn't go in champagne, and Sugar replies by saying that a little bit of Sugar can go in anything. BamBam, realising Kim is gay, starts to make a move on her but Kim is quickly taken away by Sugar, who seems determined that she and Saint should stay together. Sugar then breaks down and asks why nobody truly falls in love with her. Kim quickly goes to her bedroom where she calls Sugar and tells her about him. Later, at Saint's apartment, Kim gets a gift from Saint: Mark is putting a sling up for the swingers group, and gets a text message from Sugar. Meanwhile, Stella and Dale, after fighting to get Kim's jeans off, discover that they both have pubic lice as well.

Sugar rush sex scenes

While Tom's looking for his dog, he gets a text message telling him to collect her at 8pm. She is evidently over Guillaume. Sugar calls Kim during the night to ask how to say cunnilingus in French, and Kim says she doesn't know. Saint then realised that Kim was near the West Pier , and found her there. Although Saint is the club DJ, she doesn't want to draw attention to her presence, as she doesn't want to come across as being a stalker. When Kim later discusses this with Saint, she realises that Sugar was lying. Kim takes the drugs out of the drawer and throws them on the floor, asking if they are what Sugar is looking for. Nathan and Stella prepare for the swingers party, but he is nervous about it. Meanwhile, Nathan goes to speak to Kim, and finds Matt in her room wearing lipstick and her underwear. When Nathan asks how Stella was, Kim lies and says that she is miserable at Dale's, and that she'll be back living with them soon. Kim smiles at Sugar, and tells her to drive. Tom thinks that he and Kim are a couple, and that she wants to be his girlfriend, but Kim tells him that she's gay. Kim goes to Sugar's house, planning to tell her either that she loves her or that they can no longer be friends. Kim then tells Saint that Sugar took her to the hospital, and Saint walks away. Meanwhile, Nathan is massaging Stella's feet, commenting on the fact that Kim is acting strangely, not knowing that this is because of Kim's discovery of Stella's affair with Dale. Sugar has a job at a candy floss stand; it was the only job she was able to get. Episode 8[ edit ] As Kim starts destroying and disposing of all the things that she has of Sugar's, Kim picks up a drinks can that Sugar had drank out of, and puts her lips to it for a short moment before throwing it away. Back at home, Stella also puts her clothes in the washing machine. Sugar tells Kim that the kiss in the nightclub was no big deal, and that they were on E at the time. Sugar is left on her own to think as Kim walks through home through Brighton. Episode 10[ edit ] Saint suggests to Kim that she should move in with her above the shop. One of the "steps" of the ex-gay program involves "hanging out with like-minded people", and it is while she is carrying this out that she falls for Beth. The whirring was an electric toothbrush she was using to " masturbate about her best friend". In a cafe, Sugar tells Kim what happened. Kim is dressed in black, waiting in a cubicle in the toilets.

Sugar rush sex scenes

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  1. Stella calls Nathan, and as Kim goes out later, she meets him on the doorstep. She doesn't give her the message, and says that Saint didn't leave one.

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