Sex selection right or wrong

With this in mind, we can see why some of the frequent arguments in favour of non-medical sex selection are unpersuasive. Reproductive Ethics Editor's Note: However, is the use of this method a good idea in the first place? Although the preference for a mixed family does not presuppose the view that one of the sexes is superior, it may still be informed by a sexist stereotyping of gender differences. The Law Reform Commission Apparently, every folk culture has its own strategies. Sex selection of children; pp. Can bovine in vitro-matured oocytes selectively process X- or Y-sorted sperm differentially? This would have as an advantage over direct PGD that a higher number of embryos of the desired sex will be available for postconception selection.

Sex selection right or wrong

However, the often quite narrow definition of the category of non-prohibited medical reasons in terms of avoiding the birth of a child with a sex-linked disease and the rigid, binary distinction between medical and non-medical reasons, seems to rule out sex selection for intermediate reasons in most if not all jurisdictions with legislation on sex-selection. Reports on specific effects refer to reduced motility and life-span of sperm. Gender variety as a valid choice: Altered mRNA expression patterns in bovine blastocysts after fertilisation in vitro using flow-cytometrically sex-sorted sperm. With this in mind, we can see why some of the frequent arguments in favour of non-medical sex selection are unpersuasive. According to this study, the MicroSort sperm separa-tion technology effectively increases the percentage of X- or Y-chromosome-bearing sperm in the sorted specimen. Are those who believe that family dynamics would be enhanced by having children of both sexes guilty of a sexist attitude? Second, even in a country where abortion is technically legal, one would hope that restrictions would be put in place to prevent the taking of a life simply because that life is the "wrong" sex. The theory of the eldest-child bonuses, however, is controversial. The objections are very diverse and different committees use rather different objections. More in particular, this paper focuses on the ethics of preconception sex selection for non-medical and intermediate reasons, as preconception sex selection for medical reasons is widely considered to be acceptable from a moral point of view. Such sex selection should be opposed for two reasons. The idea being if parents prefer, or believe they will be better parents to one sex over the other, they should have the right to choose. Moreover, current regulations wrongly ignore the category of intermediate reasons: The idea is that after accepting this first step away from a strictly medical justification, it will be impossible not to end up also accepting selection of children for all kinds of non-health related traits. Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal; vergaderjaar , 27 , nr 3. As in those cases sex selection will not change the health status of the child to be born, reasoning from a strict understanding of those goals would lead to the conclusion that sex selection for intermediate reasons is beyond the scope of medicine. Preconception sex selection, non-medical reasons, flow cytometry, ethics, regulation Introduction Since ancient times, prospective parents have tried to influence the sex of their future children. Using sex selection to prevent medical complications associated with a particular sex is already permitted. However, we do want to stress that this issue should be on the agenda of the urgently needed reopening of the debate about preconception sex selection for non-medical reasons. Most commentators and regulators do not think that this possibility should be taken as a reason for prohibiting sex selection aimed at avoiding the birth of a child with a gender-related disease. For adults, it means a step backwards to perpetuating bias and discrimination. This is widely though not universally seen as a welcome development insofar as sex selection for medical reasons is concerned. Imposing on children without their consent a characteristic like maleness - which not all human beings would want - is the first step down a road that we should not travel. Next, we will provide an ethical evaluation of the main arguments in the debate section 3.

Sex selection right or wrong

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  1. The obvious response to this is indeed to allow preconception sex selection in a regulated setting aimed to strictly monitor its effects at all levels Pennings, However, the question is whether the fact that some applicants may have morally dubious motives should lead to a categorical rejection of sex-selection for non-medical reasons.

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