Safe sex pamphlet

Condoms put the responsibility for contraception and safer sex on both the woman and the man. Any sexual activity should only happen if you want it and feel okay about it Where can you get information or talk to someone about sex? A woman is more likely to have an orgasm if she is highly aroused before intercourse takes place. Conception Without a condom or other form of contraception to prevent it, the sperm swims up into the womb uterus and along the fallopian tubes. Here are some tips to help. You need to know about sexual health so that you are able to make decisions about sex in your relationships. What to do if you have unsafe sex If you have had unsafe sex:

Safe sex pamphlet

Talk to your doctor if you are concerned. Other contraceptives The Depo Provera injection, an injection given every 12 weeks to prevent pregnancy, may be recommended for young women. That is, they have sex without a condom or other contraception. Remember others like us the way we are. Sex is an expression of love and intimacy Ask yourself — is this the right person and the right place? You may find it like a roller coaster ride. Sexuality is more than just sex. If you then have sex you may regret it the next day. Work out your boundaries and stick to them Sexual intercourse and pregnancy A young man is able to father a child when he can produce semen. Buying condoms is embarrassing. Not all the sex and sexual behaviour shown in movies or on TV, or read about in magazines or books is realistic or honest. You can get these pills on prescription after talking to your doctor, or the doctor at a Family Planning Centre or Sexual Health Service. Your doctor will need to know your medical and family history to help decide which pill will be best for you. There is no right way to work out exactly what your feelings are. During sexual arousal the man gets an erection - the penis fills with blood so that it becomes larger, stiff and erect. Emergency contraceptive pills should be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex but the sooner the better. Maybe practise with a friend. Side effects may include feeling sick and vomiting. But other infections, like herpes, syphilis, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, and HPV, can be passed during oral sex. Check that the condom is the right way up. Be mature about STIs and reassure yourself and your partner that an STI is not a moral judgement of character, but an infection like any other. If you loved me you would have sex with me. At the peak of sexual pleasure in the body, the sex organs contract in a series of muscular spasms, followed by a feeling of release. Keeping safe What is important is that the sex you have is right for you and for your partner at the time; that it is what you both want to do; and that you are careful not to put yourselves at risk of an unplanned pregnancy and STIs. They provide no protection against STIs.

Safe sex pamphlet

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  1. If someone forces you to have sex — that is rape or sexual violation and it is against the law. Educate yourself about STIs.

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