Outer planet sex

The mother normally envelops the child with attention, care, and love. In the male embryonic body nearing birth, the sex glands produce hormones which not only affect the growth of the physical body, but also build what we might call a masculine type of neuro-intellectual adaptation to the outer environment of the future child. Psychologist Carl Jung has spoken of the collective unconscious, not only as the repository of the harvest of experience of perhaps millions of generations, but even more as the sea out of which arise the many small islands that we know as individual persons. The mutual relationships aspects, Parts, etc. LT, 13 March , Boston Mass.

Outer planet sex

The earliest forms of life were not classified according to sex. Thus, the feminine type of intellect also a part of her outer nature is normally wide open to collectivizing social currents. The Day Force in the cycles of the year the Chinese Yang actually manifests in life as the drive toward individualization; it builds limited, clearly defined organic systems and outwardly operating personalities. We start with Pluto, and then move on to Neptune and Uranus aspects. The Sun male and the Moon female are the "Lights" of life on the earth's surface. Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording: Our focus is on aspects between Venus and the outer planets, especially hard aspects, although many of the interpretations can also be applied to other instances when the outer planets are connected with relationship sectors in the chart. The Sun is the primary source of all energy on the planet; it is the active releasing principle, the fecundator and dynamizer of all life processes. Ancient Chinese philosophers expressed this rhythmic self-regulated character of all life processes in the famous picture in which two forces of opposite, polarities, Yin and Yang, are shown to be interrelated with a circle. Even if she dislikes and rebels against the mother's behavior, she may eventually see herself repeating some of her mother's life patterns. In a pleasant gesture, the announcement was delayed until Lowell's birthday. This drive is instrumented by the Mars function which rules all muscles and organs of action and also by the Mercury function which deals with the intellect and its associative memory. In and through the male body, a female psyche also is active. Why this is so can easily be explained. In , Cockcroft and Walton split the atom. The reason for the long delay was that they had been looking for a much brighter object - a planet several times larger than the Earth. They then influence the psychic or mental fields of the personality. If she accepts a state of devotion to the husband so glorified in Hindu culture or upon Jesus as Divine Beloved if she has a religious path instead of a love which will reveal to her true essential self , or upon some Oriental Teacher, Swami, or yogi who supposedly can provide a magic technique of self-revelation , it is because her unconscious nature is forever seeking to reach a condition of individualistic integration. Practical Applications The difficulty in making use of the foregoing psychological facts and astrological concepts in the study of an individual's birth-chart is that several other factors may enter into the picture and affect the person's character and life. Even if the individual rebels against the intellectual ways of thinking and the ethical, religious, and social ways of living of his family, group, or nation, this rebellion itself is conditioned by and starts from the primordial sense of "belonging" to a group. Indeed, the full bodily expression of sex comes only at puberty, even though the actualization of such a fullness of sexual manifestation has been going on since birth. The Night Force Yin operates as the drive toward socialization and the building of more or less large collectivities of individual units. President Johnson is almost a representative of this situation; but the presence of Mars rising between Jupiter in Leo and the Sun in Virgo confuses the meaning of a conjunction which is neither close nor in one zodiacal sign. What we call the "inner life" of a person is conditioned mentally by the language, symbols, and collective thinking attitudes of his or her society and culture; it is conditioned emotionally by at first taken-for-granted patterns of inter-personal relationship, by the parental example, by the contagion of group feelings. Yet a negative result can also occur in some cases — i.

Outer planet sex

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  1. For this reason, many religious disciplines have stressed ascetic practices to shock the sexual part of the nature into near collapse so as to allow the countersexual energies of the psychic life to emerge powerfully from their subconscious abode into the field of consciousness. To this outer aspect, one must add an inner aspect, which is usually called today the "psyche.

  2. They may manifest in dreams, in creative fantasies, sudden intuitions, and super-normal faculties — some of them now being called "parapsychological. Thus, when the biological soli-lunar forces whose work it is to produce an individual human organism succeed in completing their outward-oriented drive in the development of the sexual aspect of a human personality, male or female, they do so by pushing back into the unconscious the countersexual forces.

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