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Sex and gender are not mutually exclusive. With emerging evidence that both sex and gender have an effect, for instance, on how an individual selects, responds to, metabolizes, and adheres to a particular drug regimen, 1 there is an ethical and scientific imperative to report to whom research results apply. For example, Fausto-Sterling explains how culture, which might include gender-specific ideas and opportunities regarding diet or physical activity, can interweave with biology to shape group differences in bone characteristics. Sex is reflected physiologically by the gonads, sex hormones, external genitalia, and internal reproductive organs. Repeating a trial because previous relevant studies did not disaggregate study participants and report results by sex, by gender, or both is unethical. Finally, the article concludes by considering possible future directions for research. With the emergence of affordable genotyping technologies, researchers from many fields collect and process genomic biomarkers as part of new and ongoing studies of human health and behavior. Coincidentally, just as health researchers embraced the opportunity to examine genetic differences, they also responded to the call to examine contextual differences, or variation at the societal level, and its contribution to health.

Gender journal sex

Although sex is included frequently as a control or stratifying variable, few articles articulate a conceptual frame or methodological justification for conducting research in this way, and most are not motivated by sex or gender differences in health. When no differences exist, and even when studies are underpowered, the raw data should be presented to allow for meta-analysis by sex, gender, or both and can inform sample size calculations for future studies. The second summarizes typical practices with regard to sex and gender in research on genetics and health based on a review of articles published over the past 5 years in 4 leading peer-reviewed journals. A primary reason was that we were interested in reviewing whether and how articles referenced sex and gender in studies on genetics and health, a goal that required the inclusion of articles that did not emphasize sex or gender. Full-length research articles published between and were eligible for inclusion. Relatively few genes, estimated around 75, are located on the Y chromosome, including those linked to the development of the testes. These observations lead naturally to the question: A third reason is to reduce waste in research. As questions concerning sex and gender are refined, new methods will need to be developed, including new ways to ascertain data about these variables and statistically analyze them. We included only articles that met the following criteria: One advantage of an approach that incorporates genomic and contextual variation—individually and in their intersection—is the opportunity to deepen understanding of sex and gender differences in health. But what does the sex-gender category really entail, and how should it be reported? We emphasize that in selecting these 4 journals it was not our intention to represent research on genetics and human health in a generalizable way. For example, how do sex and gender affect health, separately and collectively? The answers depend on whether biological or psychosocial factors are under study. Terminology Two common questions asked by clinical researchers are 1 Should the sex or gender of the study participants be reported? Both are also among the most highly ranked public health journals. In the s, feminist scholars promoted use of the term gender to draw attention to the reality that not all differences between men and women could be explained by biology. We seek to bring attention to the intersection of sex, gender, genetics, and health. Sex refers to the biological distinctions between males and females, most often in connection with reproductive functions. One reason is to avoid drawing incorrect conclusions. Future scholarship on genetics and health needs to incorporate more systematic attention to sex and gender, gender as an environment, and the intertwining of social and biological variation over the life course. The information about individual-level differences provided by such biomarkers offers potential for enhancing understanding of patterns of health and well-being. For example, Fausto-Sterling explains how culture, which might include gender-specific ideas and opportunities regarding diet or physical activity, can interweave with biology to shape group differences in bone characteristics. Because health itself refers to the body, we understand that gender differences in health reflect social and biological factors.

Gender journal sex

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  1. This strategy would have resulted in articles from hundreds of journals in many fields, yielding a summary that might have been of limited use to readers of this journal or to scholars in any 1 field.

  2. We seek to bring attention to the intersection of sex, gender, genetics, and health. In the rare event of a disagreement, a third coder assessed eligibility and made the final determination.

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