Anal sex at 15

Conclusions In this population, the frequency of FAS practice was rather low. Two wards were randomly selected from each district. Indeed, anal sexual intercourse is more vulnerable to tears and the larger surface of rectum provides more opportunity for viral penetration [ 4 , 5 ]. Findings A total of individuals were interviewed, Logan Youth and Family Legal Services is a not-for-profit organisation delivering a range of services for young people including helping young people deal with legal matters and sexuality. It has 30 health facilities both private and public. The town has a great potential of attracting immigrants from rural areas as it has employment. Finally, two villages were selected from each ward.

Anal sex at 15

The interviews were conducted in the household premises of the respondents. Despite anal sex generally being acknowledged as the riskiest factor for HIV infection, it is its associated practices that heighten the inherent risk of HIV infection even further. The Kinondoni Municipal Council medical care coverage plan comprises 33 public and private health facilities. This study was, therefore, carried out to determine the prevalence and risk factors associated with female anal sex in the context of HIV transmission in selected districts of Tanzania. Kinondoni district is located in the northern part of Dar es Salaam City with a population of 2,, These practices include unprotected receptive anal intercourse, multiple sex partners, inconsistent condom use, lack of knowledge about HIV risk, and negative or complacent attitudes toward safer sex [ 15 ]. Data collection Household surveys Face-to-face interviews were held with the selected members of the households using a structured questionnaire. Focus group discussions A total of 20 focus group discussions FGDs for different age groups and sex—adult females, adult males, female youths, male youths, bar-maids and pregnant mothers from each district—were held. Commercial sex workers CSWs and bar-maids, and some adults males, females, pregnant mothers and youths were conveniently recruited for the qualitative component of the study. Each FGD lasted for about 1. Findings A total of individuals were interviewed, Makete and Siha were selected from inland regions with high and low HIV-prevalence, respectively. You may need legal advice if: Who else can help? Study participants included community members of aged 15 and above such as heads of the household, adolescents, bar workers and commercial sex workers. Socio-cultural factors, social stigma and discrimination, may also lead to increased risk of HIV infection in females practising anal sex as it was also found among MSM [ 17 ]. The venues for the discussions were in school premises or village offices as there were enough spaces to enhance privacy, confidentiality and freedom of expression. As such, there is a need for further exploratory studies to determine and document drivers of FAS. Indeed, anal sexual intercourse is more vulnerable to tears and the larger surface of rectum provides more opportunity for viral penetration [ 4 , 5 ]. Do I need legal advice? In the Western world, a number of studies and interventions have been carried out on anal sex among men due to its potential risks to HIV transmission. These organisations may be able to help. Qualitative data transcriptions was done verbatim and thereafter analysed manually to detect relevant themes and develop sub-themes. Discussions were held separately for each group without mixing the sexes or age groups as categorised above to enhance freedom of expression. Since both the household survey and FGDs were conducted concurrently, there was little chance for participants to participate in both activities.

Anal sex at 15

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  1. To maintain gender balance, researchers conducted interviews by alternating between females and males, and youths and adults, throughout the survey. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article doi:

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